Life Sciences Suite

A holistic solution which helps life sciences organizations to be efficient in ensuring quality, efficacy and safety through end-to-end support to product lifecycle processes, data and content management.


End-to-end global regulatory process and information management

  • Product Information Management
  • Regulatory Planning and Tracking
  • Regulatory Content Management
  • Labeling Management
  • Submission Management & Publishing
  • Regulatory Analytics
  • IDMP Compliant


Driving global compliance and operational excellence

  • Quality Document Management
  • Quality Process Management
  • Quality Analytics
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Press Release: Amplexor Life Sciences joined Aris Global family, Creating the Most Comprehensive Regulatory SaaS Platform for the Industry

The complementary pairing of these two leading Regulatory companies brings an unmatched offering to the global market.




On premises or Cloud

A scalable architecture for both cloud and on-premises deployment models

Life Sciences Suite is powered by the Compliance Foundation platform, which enables unified management of data, content and processes in a familiar user interface, combined with powerful automation engine that drives complex process automations, migrations and integrations. This scalable and flexible platform is suitable for both cloud and on-premises deployment models.

Amazon Web Services-(AWS) based Life Sciences Cloud offers an immediate jump-start option for private cloud deployments. Providing the best of both worlds – complete separation of data and solution layers while leveraging the benefits of reliable and scalable common cloud infrastructure and platform services – the private cloud solution allows full flexibility and reduced investment.

For companies who continue to leverage their own infrastructure, on-premises deployment model stays a viable and reliable option.

Professional Services

Unmatched industry expertise to transform life sciences companies

Our solution offering is complemented with a full spectrum of services including implementation, training, integrations, migration, and support services. Proven delivery methodology, industry experience, deep solution knowledge, and highly skilled team are cornerstone of our professional services.

Life Sciences Partners

We collaborate with renowned technology and service partners

Our focus on customer success is supported by technology and service partners whose global expertise help customers meet their business and regulatory requirements. Collaboration with established partners across the globe brings state-of-the-art solutions and tailored consulting services to our customers.

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