5 Major Efficiency Boosts for Your Regulatory Operations

One of the key goals of RegOps leaders is to constantly improve efficiency of regulatory operations. It may be through process optimizations, improved toolsets, outsourced services or other means


About the webinar
  • This webinar will focus on 5 capabilities that a modern holistic RIM system can provide to greatly improve efficiency of regulatory data, content and process management and consequently incur substantial cost savings while retaining same or even increase the quality of final outputs
      About the speakers
      Renato Rjavec

      Renato Rjavec

      Director of Products

      As Director of Products, Renato is responsible for Amplexor’s Life Sciences Solution Product Management. Over the last fifteen years with the company, he held several positions within the delivery and product management organization where he acquired broad experience in analyzing, designing and implementing end-to-end regulatory solutions for the global Life Sciences industry.

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