Announcing Amplexor Life Sciences Suite 7.0 for the data-driven age

27 Jan, 2022

Major new platform release & redesigned ProductExpert™ and SubmissionExpert™ solutions provide full support for IDMP data models & processes, and a faster and more intuitive submission management and publishing experience for users

Amplexor Life Sciences has kicked off 2022 with a new generation of our core platform and solution suite optimised for the data-driven age. Following on the introduction of Life Sciences Analytics in version 6, we have now released the next major product release package – 7.0 – across our platform and solutions.

Fast, intuitive and compliant data & submission management

This major release represents a complete overhaul of our platform and solutions in the two major areas of data management and submission management, offering users both a more futureproof suite of capabilities and a more intuitive and responsive experience to support their everyday work.

Our master and product data management solution ProductExpert 7.0 has been redesigned according to the requirements of the EU IDMP implementation guidelines v2.1. This enables our customers to bring their product data in line with the upcoming DADI data submission mandate in the EU and prepare for fuller data-driven regulatory information management in due course – as IDMP and the fuller Target Operating Model become the default means of regulatory exchange. New repository-agnostic platform capabilities allow for efficient management and reuse of IDMP data elements without duplication of data.

Linked to this, our upgraded submission management and publishing solution SubmissionExpert 7.0 supports document-level content planning; complete separation of document and submission relevant metadata; as well as in-line lifecycle management and viewing. Combined with substantial improvements to performance and the introduction of incremental publishing earlier last year, this brings the submission manager’s user experience to a completely new level.

Improved traceability

Platform improvements in myProcess 7.0, meanwhile, include redesigned audit trail actions, updated middleware component compatibility, and the discontinuation of old technology dependencies – including end of support for Internet Explorer 11 in favour of the modern Chrome, Edge and Safari browsers which are already supported.

The new version has also greatly optimised the upgrade process, making platform refreshes as smooth and fast as possible – for on-premise deployments as well as those provisioned via the cloud.

These are just some of the highlights of our new, improved platform and solution suite. As ever, we’ll continue to improve our offerings based on your feedback, incorporating new compliance requirements and shaping the industry trends as these evolve throughout 2022.

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