Be The Expert 2023 Empowering Efficiency

June 14-16 2023, Radisson Blu Hotel Split, Croatia

Day 1 – 14.6. WED

Be The Expert Intro

Day 2 – 15.6. WED

Remco Munnik: Industry Insight: The implementation of structured data and opportunities for optimization

Gary Wilson: Solution benefits: Accelerating Data Governance and IDMP Compliance

Steve Gens: Industry Insight: Global RIM Adoption – Improving Local Affiliate Engagement

Satappa Kambale: Case study: Achieving benefits of IDMP-ready holistic RIM

Agnes Cwienczek: Solution benefits: RIM in the spotlight of efficiency gains

Katja Pečjak: Industry Insight: Moving towards Electronic Product Information

Dr. Henrike Miess: Wörwag’s Transition to Improved Efficiency in Regulatory Affairs

Renato Rjavec: Solution benefits: The patient centric digital future

Agnes Cwienczek, Steve Gens, Jim Hilferty, Remco Munnik, Robin Schilling: Panel discussion: Empowering efficiency – beyond technology

Elvis Paćelat: All Star Awards

Day 3 – 16.6. WED

Emmanuel Manny Belabe: Regulatory and Safety Platform Integration: Delivering on the Promise

Alexander Tryba: Industry Insight: “Enhancing Quality Beyond Compliance: Exploring Key Dimensions to Elevate Performance” Global Study – Key Observations and Considerations

Vanja Primorac: Solution benefits: Elevating Standards – Maximizing Efficiency for Consistent Quality and Patient Trust

Anthony Vigliotti: Document Classification

Robin Schilling: HA Interactions

Dr. Kornél Markó: Data Extraction

Dr. Pravin Jadhav: Regulatory Intelligence

Željko Bak: Panel discussion: Practical AI-empowered use cases in life sciences