How to demonstrate a risk-based and effective Change Management system

In pharmaceutical industry, every change is reported through change management process.

In this webinar you will learn when the concept behind change management began to form, how a good change management system might benefit your business and receive some guidance on evaluating and demonstrating the effectiveness of a risk-based change management system.

The webinar will conclude with a demonstration of the AMPLEXOR Life Sciences Suite and its change management capabilities.

About the speakers
Vanja Primorac

Vanja Primorac

ALSS Business Consultant

As a Life Sciences Consultant, Vanja is responsible for the contribution to the development and enhancement of the Amplexor Life Sciences Suite, as well as the provision of business process and data management expertise to Amplexor clients in the area of Quality Assurance.

Before joining Amplexor, Vanja worked in GlaxoSmithKline, where she was holding the position of Senior Quality Executive and Responsible Person.

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