Cloud Compliance and Validation

Learn more about a futurist-style review of current approaches to compliance in the face of unprecedented challenges to ensure patient safety is an ongoing priority.


About the speaker
Alexander Tryba

Alexander Tryba

Managing Director @ Main5

As Managing Director and Partner, Alexander now has personal responsibility for the commercial expansion and development of MAIN5. For selected customers and topics, he acts as consultant on issues of digitization, quality, and compliance. While under the brand, ALTRA Consulting, Tryba advised leading pharmaceutical companies and when required, took on corporate management responsibilities as an interim manager. Until 2006, he served as Managing Director and Partner for the “neeb & partner” consulting firm. Tryba’s organizational focus was on the digitization of business processes, multisystem information management, and adherence to compliance requirements within the enterprise. He successfully bid for a variety of businesscritical projects with leading medium-sized and large (DAX-listed) companies, ensuring effective guidance and successful outcomes in cooperation with his team. As Quality Management Representative (QMR), he was responsible at neeb and partner for projects, including the introduction and development of an ISO 9001-certified quality management system within the business.

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