Watch this insightful presentation Renato Rjavec delivered at this year’s GPRAS conference in Berlin and learn what 5 key aspects pharma companies should consider when assessing whether their RIM platform is ready for all the challenges of the ever-changing IDMP implementation requirements.

About the presentation

The EU IDMP implementation clock has started and even though it seemed to be a final relay sprint with clear transitions, implementation approach is changing and timelines are slipping. Learn what are the five key aspects pharma companies should consider when assessing their RIM platform and its readiness for all the challenges of the IDMP requirements. This presentation will help you understand IDMP implementation options and your IDMP journey and you will also get some valuable tips on IDMP implementation.

About the speaker
Renato Rjavec

Renato Rjavec

As Director of Products, Renato is responsible for Amplexor Life Sciences Solution’s Product Management. Over the last fifteen years with the company, he held several positions within the delivery and product management organization where he acquired broad experience in analyzing, designing and implementing end-to-end regulatory solutions for the global Life Sciences industry.

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