Looking back on another high-profile year in pharma media

by Elvis Paćelat | Dec 10, 2020 | Blog


The year 2020 saw a wide range of Amplexor thought leadership in pharma titles around the world. Here’s a look back.

2020 has certainly been a year like no other, with the world brought to its knees by a raging pandemic as the search for a vaccine continues apace. The year also saw a wide range of Amplexor thought leadership in pharma titles around the world. Here we look back at some of the topics we covered and link to some of the best articles.

Revealing life sciences blind spots: how richer, more unified product information can transform business outcomes

VP of Life Sciences, David Gwyn, explored how Big Data provided by devices and apps has led to a wave of new insights into consumer and business behaviors. He asked whether the same approach could help life sciences companies identify opportunities to market products, meet compliance and optimize submission planning.

Planning for the unpredictable: what 2020 has taught the pharma industry about the necessity of transforming regulatory information management

Towards the end of the year, David also provided some lessons on how get product information management right. He suggests that the pandemic has revealed some inadequacies in the way medical device suppliers manage regulated product information and looks back on a challenging year with recommendations for practical improvements to cope with continued uncertainty in 2021.

Are companies ready for Electronic Product Information?

Agnes Cwienczek, Head of Product Management and Consulting, asked this question and decided that although digital technologies offer more efficient and patient-friendly distribution of the up-to-date manufacturing details and safety advice mandated by regulators, many firms in the MedTech sector are not maximizing the opportunity to deliver regulated product information digitally.

Preparing solid foundations to benefit from structured content management

Agnes also examined the benefits of structured content management, arguing that, while pharma firms face a growing requirement to collect, manage and publish data, structured content management and authoring solutions can help. However, many companies are trying to run before they can walk. They first need to get a handle on the huge volumes of unstructured data in many languages that are likely to be scattered across multiple, disparate systems.

Adopting more agile process management & IT advancement

Romuald Braun, VP of Strategy for Life Sciences here at Amplexor, wrote eloquently about the need for speed when responding to demands from regulators and the wider market. Project cycles of 12-24 months are no longer practical, especially given that new or updated requirements may have entered the frame along the way. Romuald discusses the need for greater responsiveness from IT teams and suppliers to the changing needs of the business and how they might achieve that.

As we move into 2021, new challenges will undoubtedly arise and, here at Amplexor, we will continue to act as thought leaders. We look forward to leading the debate on the issues of the day and sharing our unique perspective with readers around the world.

Elvis Paćelat

Elvis Paćelat

Vice President Compliance Management

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Elvis Paćelat is Vice President Compliance Management at Amplexor Life Sciences. Elvis is a business and technology executive with more than two decades of international experience in the Life Sciences market. With detailed technical understanding and expertise in compliance and regulatory content management solutions for Life Sciences, Elvis is a specialist in business impact analysis. As AMPLEXOR’s VP Compliance Management, he is responsible for driving the corporate strategy and market success of the AMPLEXOR Life Sciences’ suite business. Elvis is committed to delivering benefit for clients, partners and shareholders, whilst supporting client-centric strategies and spearheading groundbreaking innovations.