Regulatory Information Management (RIM): Delivering Better Efficiencies Across Operations

Automation has matured past solely standardizing the way you work so that manual processes can be replaced by machines. Though this is still an important aspect, with the introduction of product information data standards such as IDMP, this new generation of RIM systems enables organizations to provide the right information to the right people at the right time – to make the right decisions.

About the webinar

In this webinar, Frits will provide you with valuable insights on where he believes the industry is going and offer recommendation on how you should get started – all based on best practices and real-life experiences.

About the speaker
Frits Stulp

Frits Stulp

Frits Stulp is the Managing Director of Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy and IDMP SME. He has more than 18 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry. As a project manager, he specialized in the management of IT projects for regulatory compliance and has been the program manager of the first completed IDMP implementation program. Frits serves several clients as IDMP program advisor. He has been a member of the EMA ISO IDMP Task Force and is an active promoter of IDMP at conferences and webinars.

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