RIM – Is data-driven Regulatory Information Management your reality?

Although observations show that progress has been made for RIM across the industry, there’s always room for more improvement.


About the webinar

Watch our webinar for tips on how to expand and improve your RIM system landscape.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The shift from a document approach to a data-centric approach
  • Which system capabilities can be used for system transformation
  • Practical examples, including a demonstration, on how to implement a transition
  • …and more
About the speakers
Agnes Cwienczek

Agnes Cwienczek

Senior Life Sciences Consultant, Amplexor

Agnes has been in the position of Senior Life Sciences Consultant for Amplexor since May 2017. In her role as Life Sciences Consultant, Agnes is part of the Product Management team. Her main responsibilities are the contribution to the development and enhancement of the Amplexor Life Sciences Suite, supervision of the Life Sciences Consultants as well as the provision of business process and data management expertise to Amplexor clients in Regulatory Information Management, Document Management, and Submission Management.

Before joining Amplexor, Agnes worked at Merck KGaA in Global Regulatory and Quality Assurance, where she was acting System and Process Owner for all regulatory owned systems, providing global leadership for the management of submission documents, regulatory data and archiving within the Merck Biopharma organization.

Steve Gens

Steve Gens

Managing Partner, Gens & Associates Inc

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