Regulatory Analytics

Regulatory Analytics focuses on the regulatory domain, consisting of a preconfigured set of standard dashboards and reports addressing common regulatory tracking, reporting and analytical needs: RIMAnalytics™, ProductAnalytics™, SubmissionAnalytics™, LabelAnalytics™.


Regulatory Analytics Features

  • Advanced KPIs and reports supported by types of charts
  • Intuitive navigation along hierarchical data paths and charts
  • Flexible data exploration and analysis
  • Ready-to-use filters, sorts and parameters across multiple visualizations
  • Predefined set of business relevant templates 
  • Interactive components
  • Flexible pagination
  • Crosstabs and hierarchical structures 
  • Embedded charts
  • Export to PDF and MS Excel formats
  • Custom reports & visualizations 
  • Faster business insights 
  • Information security – restricting information access to specific users
  • Collaboration features, to share reports with other users
  • Personalized reports in any format

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