5 Major Efficiency Boosts for Your Regulatory Operations

This webinar will focus on 5 capabilities that a modern holistic RIM system can provide to greatly improve efficiency of regulatory data, content and process management and consequently incur substantial cost savings while retaining same or even increase the quality of final outputs.

Visit us at RAPS Convergence 2022

RAPS Convergence 2022 returns in-person, bringing industry professionals and regulators together to co-create, problem-solve and discuss global and local challenges facing professionals in the regulatory life sciences community. It will be thrilling to return to a...

Dynamic digital labels: from local pilot to regional reality

The potential of truly digital, data-driven product labeling in life sciences is huge, allowing companies to tailor and update their information more readily, unencumbered by space restrictions or print/production line deadlines. But what will it take for today’s discrete, local pilot projects to evolve into something more permanent and transformational for patients and healthcare professionals?