Walk the RIM Repository – IDMP in 3D

The relationships between data in the IDMP model are linked together through various points or key identifiers.

Through these identifiers we can link data we have about our products together, linking different aspects of information together to form a greater understanding of our products. Much like a cactus grows through the main stem (product) and then grows arms (substance, manufacturing, etc.), our IDMP data can be represented in a similar structure.

Holistic RIM or Integral RIM have one thing in common. They use one data model, which granularity needs to be as high as the granularity of the data or content which must be submitted to health authorities. The latest released granularity is the granularity of the recently released EMA Iteration 1 IDMP guideline.

About the webinar

The webinar will be run fully from a Virtual Reality space and will try to inspire the audience with the capabilities of this technology and will try in an illustrative way to explain the IDMP concept. We will build the IDMP cactus in one place, using objects from the IDMP repository.

We will try to reflect the “Example 1: Losec Control 20mg gastro-resistant tablets” based on EMA’s “Annex I – Complete representation, Annex to EU IG Chapter 8 – Practical examples”.

Walk the repository – imagine not just the data model, and visualization of Medicinal Product as a cactus. Imagine combining Regulatory Information Data with Regulatory Intelligence Data, Manufacturing Data, ERP Data and Marketing Data and represent it visually and virtually in 3D to make better business decisions.

So yes, IDMP can be a cactus.


About the speaker
Romuald Braun

Romuald Braun

VP Strategy, Amplexor Life Sciences

Romuald has devoted his 25-year career to-date to various roles related to compliance, document management, and content management in the Life Sciences industry. He has held leadership roles both on the client side and in consulting, including delivery, sales, and project and line manager. His experiences bridge on-premise and cloud environments in Europe and the US. Romuald holds a Master’s Degree in Drug Regulatory Affairs from the University of Bonn, Germany, and a diploma in data technology from the Technical University Darmstadt, Germany.


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