Amplexor Life Sciences Product Update: Q3/2021

Discover if your organization is on the right path to ensure long-term alignment with the demands of IDMP.

This customer-exclusive webinar will teach you about our recent product enhancements and future plans.

About the webinar

The webinar will present an overview of the recent platform (myProcess 6.4, myPress Suite 5.4) and solution (Life Sciences Suite 5.4) release updates.

We’ll also take a peek into upcoming releases related to IDMP, submission management and other topics.

About the speaker
Renato Rjavec

Renato Rjavec

As Director of Product Management, Renato is responsible for Amplexor’s Life Sciences product portfolio, focusing on customer value, innovation, quality and compliance. He has been with the company for 14 years, previously working on analysis, design, development and delivery of end-to-end regulatory and quality solutions for the Life Sciences industry.

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