Be The Expert 2023 Presentations


Amplexor Life Science’s conference Be The Expert brings together leading subject matter experts and industry professionals from around the world into one forum to discuss and exchange strategies that combat challenges confronting the Life Sciences industries.

Watch the presentations from Be The Expert 2023 live event.

Be The Expert 2023 was staged as a three-day live event, between June 14 and June 16, focusing on the key trends driving life sciences today and empowering efficiency. Sessions examined a wide range of topics with the common tagline Empowering Efficiency.

With the help of industry experts, including Steve Gens of Gens & Associates, Iperion’s Remco Munnik, you can learn the best strategies that will help you achieve better efficiency in your business environment. This is also supported with practical testimonies from Satappa Kambale of Sun Pharma and Woerwag’s Dr. Henrike Miess. You will also have the opportunity to get the latest product insights from Amplexor Life Science’s Agnes Cwienczek, Vanja Primorac and Renato Rjavec.


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