Product: QDMS/QMS – Leveraging the Power of Analytics

Documentation in life sciences is a key area that every company needs to address. Discover a new view on quality documents and processes management in Amplexor QualityExpert with an introduction to new quality processes workspace design, including a data-oriented approach with actionable dashboards and reports. Quality Document Management, a crucial part of Amplexor QualityExpert has seen some improvements and it’s all about capturing, managing, and analyzing all related data in an organized and structured way.

About the webinar

Amplexor QualityExpert provides support for this process and makes it easier to define corrective, preventive, risk minimization, and improvement actions related to events such as deviations, incidents, OOS, audit findings, complaints etc. Improved analytics features will be presented through practical examples. Reports and dashboards are now an integral part of the process workspace – interactive graphical presentation of data, including KPIs, simple to filter, drilldown and includes direct access to the data sources from the reports.

About the speaker
Siniša Belina

Siniša Belina

Senior Life Sciences Consultant @ Amplexor

Siniša is a Senior Life Sciences Consultant within Product Management team. He applies his detailed knowledge of pharmaceutical processes and documentation to the areas of business process analysis, optimization of software solutions and demonstration of their capabilities. He started his professional career at Pliva (now the TEVA Group), where in addition to his responsibilities in manufacturing, he engaged in a successful EDMS implementation project. He later joined KRKA’s Regulatory Affairs Department, and finally moved to Amplexor in 2008. Siniša received his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from Zagreb University.

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